What is .apk file extension?

It is program through which user can be able to organize android.apk file. In digital world, every file has its own identification and standard extension through which it get accessed by capable tools. For instance, a simple text processing file will have .txt, .xml extension that makes it identical for user. Similarly .apk file extension is one of these created for android based operating system smartphone. It is an extension which make it identical as an android file. This is own by Google and lot of apps are pre-installed in android smartphone end up with .apk extension. While some of the application are supposed to install manually by the user. APK extension is commonly used by the developers who designs android application like games, utility apps and so on. They begin considering this android.apk extension which relate it to the android operating system.

File must have android.apk extension if user want to run it in android device. Unless, if you haven’t seen .apk extension, it might not be android app. Basically user cannot see the extension of particular application because it is hidden by google. User only shown with application name while interacting with device. Google Play Store handles extension in the background while downloading, installing app and running it as well. Also you can get clear vision from the third party website that offers application listing with .apk extension. Android is an open source platform and provide facility to users to install apps manually from other portals. Just make it sure that file must be of .apk extension to install in an android device.

How do I differentiate between .apk file and malwares?

There are lot of junk or malware files distributed by third party websites. But you need to be aware while downloading an app from these kind of portals. Kindly make it sure that file must have .apk file extension, in some cases user just follow the name of app and download it. These files are malware junk files and it can easily identified with its .exe file extension. But, we do recommend you to download apps from play store only because it is the most trusted marketplace for apps to download. Don’t put security of your data files and smartphone below benchmark. Play Store is safe and secure to download application and games.

What does it contain when we download an APK file?

Android application comes with package of necessary files inside. It is a bunch of files collectively work and execute at the same time to deliver services. Find a list below that will introduce you with some of projecting files and folder that an APK file do contain.

  • arsc (used for strings and resource compiling)
  • xml (helps to describe APK file’s version, name and content)
  • lib/ (necessary libraries to make it run of version)
  • dex (java compilation)
  • res/ (resource which it does included with)
  • Meta-INF (contains archive resources, lists and signature)

These are some of vital files that are included in an APK file. As you can see, all these package file have their own space to work for apk file. They get allocated by operating system after accepting permissions by user. Developers have made such improvisation in the latest package suite. It is almost impossible to modify such files but in case if user want to do so, only way possible is IDE. But it is not recommended because if you make changes entering developer mode, it may slow down your android smartphone or can be hazardous for it. Just let it work what it makes to do. Including function of .apk file, services are almost limited to the organization.

Can I Create an APK file?

Most of people wonders if it is possible to create one. This is possible with android studio software called IDE. You can design your own android .apk application and also promote it on Google Play Store. IDE android studio is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It allows users to create new .apk android file. It can further be distributed on the platform. And if your blow developers mind, you will get signed for further improvements in your application.

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