What is .Doc File Extension?

File extension is a remarkable sign to denote any a file in a pattern. Basically it refers the type of the file and application which are eligible to open such file. Coming to .doc file extension, this kind of file are applicable to be opened in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office has bunch of services and Word is one of them. These all have their own specified file extensions and they cannot be open in platform other than origin one. A Doc file is included with images, formatted text or paragraph, screenshots and a lot more. This is package of information which holds bunch of patterns in shape of text and graphics. Microsoft Word is one of most useful word processing program which can be used to make data files, resumes, data entries, essays or story writing as well.

A .doc file extension file is created when user save a file of MS Word at any particular location. Earlier in 1983, Microsoft has created DOC file extension which was designated to save Word’s primary format. But later in the mid of 1997, a new version of file format was introduces called binary format. Microsoft decided to use the new version and started exploring updates. This binary file format continues till 2003, and then after few year company opt a new file format. In 2006, they replaced it with .doc file extension on the releasing function of Microsoft Word 2007. It was the beginning of new era. MS Word save document in OpenXML format under DOCX extension.

.Doc File Extension

MS Word made other reasonable changes after introduction of the file format. But they continuous the flawless services of this word processing program. Actually it is the most used document creator in the world due to number of advantages and in this article we will elaborate how to make .doc file extension file and how to open it as well.

How to make .doc file?

This is really an easy job to make a new document file with .doc file extension. Follow the steps below to create a fresh .doc file.

  • Open the Microsoft Word program and process some information in shape of text, images and others.
  • After that, click of File Option in Menu Bar.
  • Click on Save File option, a new dialogue box will appear.
  • It will ask for a destination to save file, locate the desired folder.
  • Fill the name you want to give it.
  • Tap on Save to finish the process.

This is one of popular file extension which can be run in all version of MS Word and it is reason people who use to do writing, prefer this. It runs many other advantages which are not available with other word processing alternative programs. While writing a document, it simultaneously saves it in the system memory so that if electricity cut occur, use could retrieve the data if he forgot to save manually. This is not less than assistance, isn’t it? We hope this article has covered all aspects related to the .doc file extension, but in case if anything left to be elaborated, just let us know. Do leave a comment in the section below, we would love to hear your voice there. Thanks for visiting us.

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